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How are user identities verified?

We use a 3rd party service to verify the identity of all our members.

  • Government ID: You’ll need a driver’s license, national ID, or passport. Currently, we are only able to process IDs from the United States.

  • Phone number: We’ll send a confirmation PIN code and then check the number against public and private databases to confirm that the information provided is valid.

  • Video confirmation: Members are asked to take a video of their face in real-time to confirm they are alive and real. The face captured in the selfie is compared against the face in the government ID.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

Our members are heroes, but they don’t wear masks. By requiring members to verify their identity, we keep our community accountable and transparent.

Are trans and non-binary people included in Devi’s sisterhood?

The intention of this app is to increase access to safety for all women. Our first step in that is making sure all members are verified, safely and securely with the tools we have accessible as we work to build enhanced capabilities. If this is not feasible for a potential new member, please reach out directly to We are committed to enhancing member verification for all LGBTQIA+ groups.

Can men join Devi?

Allies are welcome to join Devi. By default, men will not be able to send SOS alerts to women or be shown SOS alerts from women. Women may opt in to seeing SOS alerts and receiving help from men.

Does Devi sell my data?

No. Devi does not sell your data.

What happens if someone abuses the app?

We have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of harassment, bullying, or illegal activities. Any form of harmful behavior towards each other will result in immediate removal from the app.

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